Here are the mutual funds you looked up the most on Globe Investor in 2020

Here are the mutual funds you looked up the most on Globe Investor in 2020

In 2020, Canadians poured $31-billion into mutual funds, bringing their total asset value to $1.7-trillion.

And despite the prolific rise of exchange traded funds (ETFs), quote lookups on Globe Investor for mutual funds still outpaced ETFs. Readers generated 4.1 million quotes spread over 19,264 funds in 2020 against 2.9 million quote lookups on 793 ETFs.

Dividend Funds

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Mutual funds provide investors a way to easily diversify their portfolio, but Globe readers are also attracted to them for their income producing potential.

“Canadian investors love dividends,” says Brian Bridger, senior-vice president of Analytics at Fundata, the Globe and Mail’s provider of mutual fund pricing. “Large banks providing stable income do well with Globe Investor readers”

Top 25 Most Popular

  • BMO Dividend Fund Series A (BMO146)
  • RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A – NL (RBF460)
  • Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series A – NL (BNS385) A+
  • RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series A – NL (RBF266)
  • RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series A – NL (RBF461) A+
  • CIBC Nasdaq Index Fund Class A – NL (CIB520) A+
  • Tangerine Equity Growth Portfolio – NL (INI240)
  • RBC Life Science and Technology Fund Series D (RBF1030) A+
  • CIBC Monthly Income Fund Class A – NL (CIB512)
  • TD Monthly Income Fund – Investor Series – NL (TDB622)
  • TD Comfort Balanced Portfolio Inv – NL (TDB886)
  • RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series A- (RBF209)
  • RBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series A – NL (RBF468) A+
  • Fidelity Global Innovators Class Series B- Isc (FID5973) A+
  • Dynamic Power American Growth Fund Series A – FE (DYN004) A+
  • Scotia Nasdaq Index Fund Series A – NL (BNS397) A+
  • Mawer Balanced Fund Series A – NL (MAW104) A+
  • Tangerine Balanced Growth Portfolio-NL (INI230)
  • CIBC Global Technology Fund Class A – NL (CIB496) A+
  • TD Comfort Balanced Growth Portfolio Inv – NL (TDB887)
  • BMO Monthly Income Fund Series A – NL (BMO148) A+
  • RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A – NL (RBF459)
  • Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Fund Ser B – FE(FID265) A+
  • TD Science & Technology Fund – Investor Series (TDB645)
  • TD Dividend Growth Fund – Investor Series – NL (TDB972)

A+ indicates the fund was awarded a FundGrade rating of A+ rating in the annual FundGrade A+® Awards. Read more.

“Only 5% of funds are awarded an A+ designation but they have an outsized number in the top 25,” says Bridger. “Globe Investor readers organically are attracted to the top performing funds”

By Provider

Banks dominated 2020 mutual fund quote lookups, representing 53.9% of total traffic, and only six providers managed a 5%+ lookup share.

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  • Royal Mutual Funds (13.9%)
  • TD Investment Services (13.3%)
  • BMO Investments (7.3%)
  • Fidelity Investments (7.2%)
  • CIBC Securities (7.0%)
  • Scotia Securities (5.2%)

A total of 341 companies competed for the remaining 46.1% of lookups.

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