Food truck moves its operations indoors as cold weather and COVID-19 persist –

Food truck moves its operations indoors as cold weather and COVID-19 persist –

OELWEIN, Iowa (KWWL) – The Get ‘r Fried food truck turned into an indoor restaurant, where the family-owned business will continue to serve their specialties all year round.

The food truck usually would not operate in the winter, but due to the cancellation of many carnivals and fairs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business thought moving indoors would be a good idea.

“We decided ‘hey we’ll do a restaurant and we’ll see how it goes,’” manager Olivia Rupright said.

Throughout the pandemic restaurants have been closing and limiting hours of operation, but the Get ‘r Fried family wasn’t going to let the pandemic shut them down.

Not having experience in a restaurant setting, other than the food truck, the family-run restaurant opened on December 18.

“We have not done restaurant stuff. We’re just used to the food trailer. You know, you come up, you order your food, you get it, and you go. So this is all kind of new to us,” Rupright said.

“I think it’s a nice little meeting spot that people can come in and enjoy themselves when things are so stressful right now,” Oelwein customer Dawn Salisbury said.

Many customers who have had experience with the food truck at fairs and carnivals have followed the family to the restaurant. The owners say people from all over the state have come to eat.

“You can dine in, and chat, and be with family, and you get to see friends you haven’t seen in a while either,” Hazelton resident Iris Juchem said.

The business did lose out on some wages during the summer because of the lack of events, but they have hopes moving forward. The family plans to keep the restaurant open all year, and hope that this coming summer they are able to roll out their food truck again.

“We didn’t expect this outcome. We really didn’t but we appreciate everyone coming out and supporting us,” Rupright said.

Get ‘r Fried has been serving fried fair foods since 2015.

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