Instant Energy Foods: Try these 5 foods to instantly feel energetic and active

Instant Energy Foods: Try these 5 foods to instantly feel energetic and active

Are you suffering from lack of energy and feeling tired all day? If you can resonate with this feeling, then try these 5 food items that will instantly boost you and keep you energised all day long.

bananaInstant Energy Foods: Try these 5 foods to instantly feel energetic and active

Feeling less productive because you simply do not have the energy to complete all the tasks is something a lot of us can relate to. Ever since Covid-19 hit the world, people have been confined to their homes, feeling less productive, low on energy with no zeal to work. 

The food you eat and the kind of diet you consume plays a vital role in your life. It affects your body physically and mentally. Food determines your level of energy throughout the day. What you need to pay attention to is the quality of food and not the quantity. Proper food consumed within intervals is what keeps your body energetic and gives your body the fuel to rise and help maintain focus on important things. 

Instead of drowning in mugs of coffee all day, here are 5 foods you must eat to feel energetic and refreshed all day.


Bananas are a great source of energy for your body. One banana in the morning will keep you energised all day. It is loaded with minerals like potassium, carbs, Vitamin B6, all of which help promote your energy levels.

Brown rice

Not many people are aware of the various health benefits of brown rice. It is an extremely nutritious food that can be consumed in place of white rice. It is less processed as compared to white rice and retains all the essential nutrients that your body requires. It helps regulate blood levels and keeps you energised.


Apples are en excellent source of Vitamins C and B. It is also loaded with potassium that gives your body the much needed boost and it immediately refreshes you. 

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are packed with minerals that are great for healthy snacking. You can match with your drink and consume it as munchies. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, figs and even peanuts are all a great source of minerals and vitamins that provide energy.


Eggs should be consumed either in the morning as breakfast or for your dinner. The egg yolk is loaded with protein, Vitamins B and D. It gives your body the strength to get going.

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