Most bizarre food combos that made news in 2020 – Times of India

Most bizarre food combos that made news in 2020 – Times of India

2020 has been a year dedicated to cooking, baking, experimenting and what not. With the lockdown in place, most people wore their chef’s hat and took to their kitchens to try their hands at cooking. While many learnt new skills and baked mouth-watering cuisines; many also combined some poles apart food items together and made some of the most bizarre food combos. Here are some of the weirdest combinations which made our taste buds shudder.

Maggi Pani Puri

When it comes to pani puri, there are endless varieties of stuffing and flavoured water available, but have you ever tried stuffing maggi in the puri?

Ice Cream Parantha

Who doesn’t like a hot and crispy paratha with a dollop of butter on top, achaar on side and a bowl full of curd to savour it with. But eating ice-cream with paratha? Doesn’t appeal much to the taste buds, right?

Chocolate Maggi

Just the sight of this disgusting dish is enough to make you cringe. Who mixes two poles apart dishes together to make such a crap combination?

Nutella Biryani

If biryani is one of your favourite dishes, then buckle up to witness something outrageous. A plate full of delicious looking Biryani with a dollop of Nutella on top. Thanks for ruining two separately delicious food items for us.

Chocolate Fried Chicken

If none of the above given combos disgust you enough, here is a whole recipe video of chocolate coated fried chicken.

Ketchup on Watermelon

It is better to keep fruits and dips away, because when they get together, this is what happens.

Ice Cream Dosa

You might have eaten dosa with various stuffings like potato, paneer, veggies and even noodles, but have you ever tried ice cream stuffed dosa?

Curd Maggi

Buckle yourself for this food disaster which is enough to make you gag. Curd with maggi, seriously?

Chilli Jalebi with Soya Sauce

Giving our popular jalebi a Chinese twist? Please don’t! Stir fried in bell pepper and soya sauce, this guy definitely ruined the dish in the worst way possible.

Ice Cream Samosa

Let’s stop experimenting with samosa stuffings, because when people experiment this is what happens.

Kiwi Pizza

If pineapple on pizza was not enough, here is another gross pizza topping for you.

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