9 Best Places to Buy Canvas Prints & Wall Art Online (on Every Budget)

9 Best Places to Buy Canvas Prints & Wall Art Online (on Every Budget)

Whether you’re looking for home decor inspiration or unique gift ideas, artwork is always a tasteful option.

Buying original pieces is often expensive. But buying replicas or canvas prints can drain your wallet if you don’t know where to shop. On the other hand, if you go for the cheapest option without prior research, you can end up with lower-quality artwork.

Ultimately, you want to strike a balance between quality and affordability when buying art. Thankfully, numerous online options make it easy to buy cheap canvas prints for your living room, bedroom, or office without sacrificing print quality.

Places to Buy Affordable Canvas Prints

If you want to brighten your room or someone’s day, many affordable online canvas print retailers sell quality prints that don’t cost a fortune.

However, several other factors can influence how much canvas prints cost:

  • Canvas Material. The cheapest canvas prints typically use polyester as the canvas material. Higher-quality canvas uses cotton, and a polyester-cotton blend is a mid-level option. Polyester canvas is less expensive than cotton because it’s synthetic. This material is also smoother than cotton, so prints made on it may lack some of the texture associated with canvas versus paper prints.
  • Ink Type. Most inexpensive canvas prints also use latex ink for printing since this ink is cheaper than pigment-based ink. However, latex ink printing can cause slight color inaccuracies when you compare your print to the original photo. Pigment-based ink colors, such as archival ink, are more accurate and could justify the extra printing price for some buyers.
  • Finish. Typically, cheap canvases use a semigloss finish that’s slightly reflective and makes artwork appear closer to an oil painting. Other finishes include matte and glossy finishes, although most canvas companies don’t give you an option to choose your finish.

If you’re not incredibly picky about your artwork and want to keep costs down, polyester and latex ink are certainly acceptable. But you’ll be living with this print for a long time. So if you want to upgrade canvas quality, look for cotton canvases and pigment-based ink whenever possible.

Whatever your preference, any of these canvas printshops can get you into the quality artwork you need without breaking the bank.

1. Canvas on the Cheap

  • Pros: One of the cheapest canvas options; mimics gallery artwork
  • Cons: No free shipping; no existing designs
  • Cost: $7.86 to $47.95 plus shipping
  • Material and Finish: Polyester canvas; latex ink; semigloss finish
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available between $16.99 and $139.99, depending on canvas size and frame material; a basic wall mount is available for $1.99, and a wall-hanging system is $4.99
  • Verdict: If you have high-quality photos to turn into artwork, this is one of the most affordable options

As the name implies, Canvas on the Cheap is an excellent option for buying inexpensive art online. With canvases starting as low as $7.86 during sale periods, it’s hard to find a more affordable price.

Canvas on the Cheap accepts PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIFF files under 20 megabytes (MB). That makes it easy to upload your canvas design.

Canvas on the Cheap uses polyester for its canvases, and finished products have a semigloss surface. Additionally, canvas depth is 1.5 inches, mimicking the look of works you see on gallery walls. You can also upgrade with decorative frames to match your decor. Turnaround time is as fast as two business days. Currently, Canvas on the Cheap ships within the United States and most of Canada.

Canvas on the Cheap doesn’t have existing designs to choose from, meaning it’s best for people looking for canvas photo prints. But if you have high-quality images to print, it’s one of the most affordable canvas options.

2. Redbubble

  • Pros: Various existing designs make it easy to shop if you don’t have an image to print
  • Cons: No free shipping; more expensive than most stores that specialize in canvas
  • Cost: Varies by artists; approximately $45 to $95, depending on size plus shipping
  • Material and Finish: Gallery-grade canvases; semigloss finish
  • Framing and Mounting: Separate category for framed artwork; canvases include hanging mount
  • Verdict: Redbubble is an excellent option for buying cheap canvas gifts and other merchandise with designs from independent artists

While Redbubble doesn’t exclusively offer canvases, the website still offers an abundance of affordable artwork designed by independent artists.

Redbubble is a print-on-demand (POD) marketplace that lets artists upload their designs on various products, including mugs, clothing, and accessories in addition to canvas prints, and list them for sale. POD companies handle manufacturing, so when you buy from Redbubble, you’re supporting independent artists, but Redbubble manufactures and ships your purchase.

Aside from manufacturing, artists control every aspect of their store, from design to pricing. Since individual artists create the designs, there’s also a range of styles. Canvases are no exception, and there are thousands of artists and even more artwork to browse.

Redbubble is ultimately more expensive than Canvas on the Cheap, with prices ranging from $45 to $95 or more. But if you want to support independent artists and potentially buy more than just canvas artwork, it’s a worthwhile option.

3. Canvas People

  • Pros: Canvas enhancement options; free shipping is sometimes available
  • Cons: Mid-level canvas material is more expensive than polyester-only offerings
  • Cost: $39.50 to $135, depending on size and whether you choose standard inch wrap or thick inch wrap; some products have free shipping
  • Material and Finish: Polyester and cotton blend for canvases; latex ink; protective finish that helps enhance high-definition color
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available between $9.95 and $29.95, depending on canvas size and frame material; free hanging mount already installed; add a wire hanger for $2.99
  • Verdict: Try Canvas People if you want a photo canvas print and more product variety than Canvas on the Cheap

Canvas People is another affordable choice for creating canvas prints with your own designs and photos. Canvas People also offers mugs, throw pillows, ornaments, metal prints, and several other categories alongside canvases.

In terms of canvases, options include:

  • Personalized canvases
  • Hanging prints
  • Wedding canvases
  • Baby canvases
  • Stock art, which lets you choose from existing designs

Canvas People also has a gift by occasion section, making it easier to find inspiration for your next special occasion. This section is particularly useful if you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas gifts.

You can upload a photo or import one through Facebook or Instagram to create your artwork. Only JPG and PNG files work, and Canvas People suggest uploading files that are 2MB or higher, with a maximum size of 26MB. You also have several extras to choose from, including:

  • Border Wrapping. Wrap the canvas border in white or black or extend the image to the border.
  • Effects. Add black and white, sepia, or the color pop effect for $2.99.
  • Photo Enhancements. Add basic photo enhancement for $12.99, standard enhancement for $14.99, or advanced remastering for $39.99. Basic enhancement improves color balance and brightness. Standard enhancement adds photo centering, removes red eyes and photo timestamps, and includes basic enhancement features. And advanced remastering includes all standard enhancements plus skin smoothing, image sharpening, teeth whitening, and blemish removal.
  • Frame. Add a black, white, or espresso frame for up to $19.95.

Canvas People only ships within the United States. Most orders ship within four to six business days and arrive 10 to 12 business days following your order. This option isn’t as affordable as Canvas on the Cheap, but the variety of sizes and extras provides more creative freedom.

4. Paint Your Life

  • Pros: Affordable hand-painted art; free shipping
  • Cons: Not realistic for decorating an entire room or home with artwork due to price
  • Cost: Ranges from $189 to $729, depending on size; free shipping
  • Material and Finish: Paint Your Life uses canvases with different material blends, depending on the medium you select
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available for $49; wire hanger included
  • Verdict: Use Paint Your Life if you prefer different mediums and want hand-painted art

If you want to turn a photo into artwork but prefer hand-painted artwork over canvas reprints, Paint Your Life is the best choice.

If you have a favorite photo you want to transform into artwork, Paint Your Life goes beyond simply reprinting that image on canvas. It has a team of artists that create original paintings from the photos customers send in.

Ordering from Paint Your Life takes five steps:

  1. Pick a Theme. Select a theme to help match your photo to a specialized artist. Themes include couples, parent and child, family, people and pets, single pets, and landscapes.
  2. Choose a Medium. Choose oil, charcoal, watercolor, pencil, or acrylic.
  3. Select an Artist. Let Paint Your Life pick their best artist based on your theme and medium choice or choose your own artist. You can also choose to have a solid background or original background or let the artist decide.
  4. Upload Your Photo. Upload one or more photos to help create your design. Paint Your Life artists can create single-photo reproductions, but you can also upload multiple pictures of each subject you want in your painting. Paint Your Life sends a final digital image as a design concept and begins painting once you approve it.
  5. Select the Size. Choose your painting size or request a custom size. You can also buy a frame for $49.

Shipping is free, and turnaround time varies between 24 to 27 days, depending on size. To reduce shipping time by several days, you can add express shipping for $9 to $59. You can also add express servicing that starts work on your order immediately for an extra 15%. Express servicing means you receive your artwork in 17 to 19 days.

Paint Your Life isn’t the best option for finding cheap wall art. However, for affordable custom hand-painted art, it’s tough to find lower prices.

5. Easy Canvas Prints

  • Pros: Canvas enhancement options; sale periods help with affordability
  • Cons: No free shipping
  • Cost: Ranges from $10.50 to $45.80 plus shipping; cost varies widely depending on sale periods
  • Material and Finish: Polyester canvases; latex ink; semigloss finish
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available between $19.99 and $139.99, depending on canvas size and frame material; a basic wall mount is available for $1.99, and a wall-hanging system is $4.99
  • Verdict: Compare sale prices between Canvas on the Cheap and Easy Canvas Prints before shopping

Easy Canvas Prints is another option to buy custom canvas prints online alongside other customizable gifts. In terms of canvases, your options include standard sizing, large canvases, collages, and wall displays with multiple pieces.

Easy Canvas Prints also has a cheap canvas section with prices that compete with Canvas on the Cheap. That isn’t surprising since Easy Canvas Prints owns Canvas on the Cheap, and the services are almost identical.

Despite the similarities, it’s worth comparing prices since sale periods vary for each company. With sales, you can create a custom canvas on Easy Canvas Prints for less than $10. You can also choose custom sizes of up to 44 inches by 60 inches or 60 inches by 44 inches. Canvases have a semigloss finish.

Photo upload requirements are identical to Canvas on the Cheap. It accepts PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIFF files under 20MB

Other customization options include:

  • Wrapping. Upgrade to 1.5-inch gallery wrap for $3.15.
  • Frames. Choose from seven different frame options between $19.99 and $139.99.
  • Canvas Back. Add a dust cover for $3.15.
  • Image Border. Choose between black, gray, white, or an extended image border.
  • Color Effects. Basic, black and white, and sepia are available options.
  • Basic Retouching. Leave a comment with your order to remove red-eye, date stamps, and minor imperfections from your photos.
  • Major Retouching. Request photo editing for teeth whitening, wrinkle removal, skin smoothing, faded photo restoration, object removal, and custom edits.

Turnaround time is as fast as two days for expedited orders. Easy Canvas Prints ships within the U.S. and most of Canada. Buying during a sale period is an easy way to decorate your home or office without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on artwork.

6. Minted

  • Pros: Text a photo of your wall for design advice; high-quality, limited-edition art from around the world; almost worldwide shipping
  • Cons: Like Paint Your Life, Minted is probably too expensive to furnish an entire room or your house unless you stick with the smallest size
  • Cost: Fine art prints start at $38 for the smallest size; free shipping is sometimes available as a promotion
  • Material and Finish: Cotton canvases; deluxe pigment ink
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available between $14 and $516 depending on canvas size and frame material; mounting hardware is included
  • Verdict: Shop at Minted if you want high-quality designs from independent artists from around the world

Minted is another online marketplace where independent artists sell their designs. However, unlike Redbubble, Minted doesn’t accept every submission. Instead, Minted runs monthly design contests and lets the Minted community vote for designs to add to the marketplace.

Currently, Minted has designers from over 100 countries, and you can buy designs on products like stationery, pillows, graduation gifts, and artwork.

Minted offers a range of artwork options, including canvases. Many pieces are also limited-edition, with a maximum print run of 350 copies. When you browse for art, you can also learn more about the independent artist behind each piece before buying. Plus, if you’re lost and need design help, you can text a photo of your wall to Minted to receive art recommendations from a stylist.

When buying a canvas print, you select the size, frame color and material, plexiglass covering, border color, and whether you want the artist’s signature. If you find an artist you like, you can also commission a piece starting at $75. Commissions can reach several thousand dollars, but there are still affordable options.

Minted also ships to over 200 countries, which is an advantage over many other online art marketplaces. Ultimately, Minted is one of the most affordable ways to buy original or limited-edition pieces from artists around the world and offers a more elegant alternative to mass-reproduced canvas prints.


  • Pros: A large selection of canvases under $25; free shipping; free interior decorating advice from specialists
  • Cons: Framed canvas artwork is more expensive
  • Cost: Typically ranges from $15 to $159; free shipping
  • Material and Finish: Polyester and cotton blend for canvases; latex ink; semigloss finish
  • Framing and Mounting: Framed canvases and artwork start at $59; mounting hardware is included
  • Verdict: Shop at if you want to browse a massive collection of affordable designs across various artistic styles

If you prefer shopping for existing designs rather than uploading your own photos, is another option with immense variety. If you’re looking for cheap canvas artwork, you’re also in luck. There are over 1.5 million designs to search through.

That’s obviously too much selection to manually search through. Thankfully, makes it easy to find art that speaks to you and lets you search by:

  • New arrivals
  • Bestsellers
  • Famous artist reprints
  • Category
  • Color themes
  • Room ideas

When shopping for canvases, you can also search by art type, shape, room type, and price. There are canvases under $25, so has affordable options across a variety of styles.

Like Minted, you can also contact specialists for free if you have design questions or need help matching artwork to a room. Once you order, you can add framing, canvas laminate, or a wooden mount that bonds the artwork to hardboard and adds a laminate cover.

And there’s a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like your piece, you can return it within 45 days of your order date and get a full refund. Plus, shipping is free, so is a low-risk way to buy art online if you want to test out a design concept. currently ships to the U.S. and Canada. Most canvas pieces take four to 10 business days, depending on your shipping choice.

8. Etsy

  • Pros: Digital download option is very affordable; wide range of independent artists and styles
  • Cons: Pricing, shipping, and return policies vary among sellers
  • Cost: Depends on the seller; many canvases are under $20
  • Material and Finish: Canvas material and ink type vary among sellers
  • Framing and Mounting: Framing and mounting options vary among sellers
  • Verdict: Etsy is an affordable alternative to websites like Minted and

If you’re shopping for handmade and vintage crafts, chances are you’ll stumble across Etsy. Since 2005, Etsy has helped artists and online business owners sell their crafts online through their own Etsy store.

Etsy isn’t limited to art, and popular categories include jewelry and accessories, home and living, vintage goods, and craft supplies and tools.

Many Etsy stores sell artwork as a digital download, which lets you download a high-resolution copy of their design. Once you own your copy, you can upload it to websites like Canvas People or Paint Your Life to print it.

If you prefer original art or reproductions, Etsy also has an extensive list of canvases for sale. Many pieces are available for $20 or less, and you can also use Etsy’s search bar to look for specific styles.

Etsy sellers determine their pricing, shipping rates, and shipping eligibility. Shops also have different return policies, so remember to check the policy between shops. If you have questions regarding a piece or turnaround time, you can also contact shop owners for clarification.

9. Canvaspop

  • Pros: Accepts higher-quality photo uploads and uses premium canvas material and a matte finish
  • Cons: You have to contact support for certain canvas types and photo enhancements
  • Cost: $37 to $128
  • Material and Finish: Polyester and cotton blend for canvases; archival ink; matte ultraviolet (UV) laminate
  • Framing and Mounting: Frames available from $19.50 to $41.50, depending on canvas size; canvases include hanging mount
  • Verdict: Shop at Canvaspop if you have high-resolution images and are comfortable spending more for a higher-quality canvas

Canvaspop isn’t the cheapest option for buying canvas artwork. However, if you want to upgrade your canvas quality at a lower cost than similar companies, Canvaspop is one of your best options.

What sets Canvaspop apart from the competition is the quality of their ink and their matte UV laminate. Most companies use latex ink, whereas Canvaspop’s archival ink lasts a lifetime and is scratch-, crack-, water-, and fade-proof. Matte finishes aren’t as shiny as semigloss finishes, making it the ideal finish choice for things like portraits or any photo for which you want to avoid an oil painting effect.

Canvaspop accepts JPG, PNG, and TIFF files up to 100MB, which is noticeably higher than companies like Canvas on the Cheap and Canvas People. Since you can upload large files, Canvaspop lets you upload higher-quality images, ultimately improving the final print.

Once you upload a photo and choose your size, Canvaspop lets you add extras like:

  • Framing. Add a black, white, or espresso wooden frame for between $19.50 to $41.50, depending on canvas size.
  • Filters. Add filters like black-and-white, sepia, comic book, vintage, and digital paint for between $4.98 and $12.50.
  • Enhancements. Add text to your canvas, enhance colors, and remove blemishes and red eyes as a special request. Enhancements cost between $4.98 and $24.98.

Another interesting feature is that Canvaspop lets you request a triptych print, a single image broken into three different canvas panels. You have to contact their support team for this request, but triptychs are a unique way to mix up your home decor.

Ultimately, if you have images larger than 20MB, Canvaspop is worth exploring because they let you upload higher-resolution images. Plus, their canvas and ink quality is a step above the cheaper alternatives, which could be worth the price.

Final Word

Home improvement projects like reinventing a room or redesigning your bathroom can easily cost thousands of dollars. If you’re on a tight budget or are renting, these expenses are certainly out of the question.

However, revitalizing a room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A simple piece of artwork has the power to transform a room and brighten a space when used correctly.

If you want to reinvigorate your home or are looking for a thoughtful gift idea for someone special, artwork never fails. It’s also incredibly easy to buy beautiful, cheap canvas prints online while also supporting independent artists.

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