Risk Assessment Solution Helps a Ready-to-Eat Food Market Client Identify and Mitigate Potential Supply Chain Risks | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

Risk Assessment Solution Helps a Ready-to-Eat Food Market Client Identify and Mitigate Potential Supply Chain Risks | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

LONDON–()–The ready-to-eat food market has grown exponentially in recent years, and though this growth is positive, it poses various challenges for industry players. Adapting their supply chain strategies, addressing potential market risks, and keeping pace with changing market trends has become increasingly challenging since its growth. Many companies struggle to ensure their inventory, suppliers, and distribution keep pace with market demand. Therefore, industry leaders are employing Infiniti’s risk assessment solutions, understanding their market, overcoming industry challenges, and staying ahead of the curve. To leverage Infiniti’s risk assessment solutions, overcome industry challenges, develop new supply chain strategies and mitigate potential market risks, request a free proposal.

“Although increasing urbanization, rising health consciousness, and the growing working population have led to a surge of growth and profit in the ready-to-eat market, the ever-increasing demand has also made it challenging for companies to ensure supply chain efficiency and stay ahead of all market dynamics and risks,” says a food and beverage industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a renowned ready-to-eat food manufacturer, based out of the United States, struggled to address supply chain complexities arising from the market’s substantial growth. Challenges such as maintaining supply continuity, contamination risks, and consumers’ changing preferences impacted the company and caused losses. The client sought to tackle all these challenges, gain further clarity into the potential risks along their supply chain and market, and develop comprehensive risk management strategies. Therefore, the ready-to-eat food market client chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering risk assessment solutions.

Our Approach:

To assist the ready-to-eat food market client, Infiniti’s risk assessment experts developed a comprehensive approach comprising of the following steps:

  • Identifying risks along the supply chain, addressing supplier and capacity shortages, and develop solutions to mitigate the risks with a comprehensive risk analysis
  • Conducting a market trends analysis to keep track of consumers’ changing preferences and reducing the impact of sudden changes on their supply chain and inventory
  • Evaluating competitors’ and industry leaders’ logistical and supply chain strategies and providing the client with improved approaches using industry best practices assessment

Speak to industry experts to gain insights into the role of risk assessment solutions in the rapidly growing ready-to-eat food market, and learn how our experts help food and beverage industry players overcome supply chain challenges and mitigate risks.

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s risk assessment solution helped the ready-to-eat food manufacturer mitigate various supply chain and market risks and overcome significant industry challenges. With the risk analysis insights, the client identified capacity and shortage risks, partnered with more suppliers to avoid future shortages, and improved inventory management to reduce wastage. Additionally, with an improved understanding of their consumers’ needs and demands, the client adapted their offerings and kept abreast of potential future trends and changes. The industry best practices assessment helped the manufacturer identify alternative storage and transit options and reduced the probability of contamination or spoilage. The risk assessment solution helped the ready-to-eat food manufacturer reduce losses, increase revenue, and establish themselves as an industry leader in the United States.

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