SkipTheDepot bottle drive helping Lethbridge Food Bank

SkipTheDepot bottle drive helping Lethbridge Food Bank

By Lethbridge Herald on December 12, 2020.

Bottle-recycling service SkipTheDepot is running a contactless bottle drive and food donation collection for the remainder of December that will benefit the Lethbridge Food Bank along with food banks in Calgary and Edmonton.
The campaign will allow SkipTheDepot customers to donate the value of their recyclables and include a non-perishable food item when they book a pickup in the app. The donation link for Lethbridge is:
Organizers say everything donated in Lethbridge will go to the Lethbridge Food Bank (as well as 100 per cent of the value of the recyclables).
A news release from SkipTheDepot says, “Since January, we have helped raise $430,000 for non-profits and are looking to close out the year with a bang!”
SkipTheDepot has over 40,000 residential and commercial users across Alberta and the business is promoting the campaign to all of them.
“We have seen the difficulty that local charities have been going through with regards to fundraising in a contactless world and just wanted to try to make a difference!,” says the news release. “We see it firsthand with our charity partners (we have almost over 800 of them) and wanted to make sure we are playing our part. We know that food donations are important during the holiday season and we think we can make a splash potentially!”
The new COVID restrictions has only added another level of difficulty for local food banks and other non-profits in need, says SkipTheDepot.
“As SkipTheDepot’s bottle-recycling service is already contactless, we figured that we should pay it forward this holiday season by running a digital food drive as a safe alternative that allows Albertans to give back.”

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