Shirley Bond pushes for bill that caps food delivery services at 15%

Shirley Bond pushes for bill that caps food delivery services at 15%

The Food and Beverage Delivery Fees Cap Act has been introduced to the BC Legislature, which would cap fee charges to restaurants by delivery services at 15%

Currently, some third party delivery services can charge as much as 30% of the total cost of the order.

“This bill could potentially help restaurants that are hanging by a thread in BC,” explained Shirley Bond,  Interm Leader of the BC Liberal Party and MLA for Prince Goerge/Valemont.

She added that if the current government decides to call that bill on Monday, they would be able to ‘offer a lifeline’ to restaurants across BC that continue to battle adversities from the pandemic.

While services like Door Dash and Skip the Dishes do charge a considerable amount for their services, General Manager of Mr.Mikes in Prince George, Mike Halley says they have broadened their customer base.

“Overall, they have gotten us into a market that we weren’t in before, takeout and delivery were more of an afterthought,” said Halley, “it gave access to a lot of people that didn’t have access before like people that don’t drive or leave the house.”

However, he also explained that the cost of operations of takeout and delivery has gone up.

“There’s definitely a cost involved that not everybody realizes, they are in business to make money as well and that cost comes out of our profit, but that’s just part of it,” he added.

Mr.Mikes is on both SkiptheDishes and Door Dash, delivery to the same address of the exact same meal from different apps both had different cost variables.

Door Dash charged $1.33 for a plate that costs $18.99, which is 7% of the cost of the meal (without taxes), for the same plate and delivery location, Skip the Dishes charges $3.49, or 18% of the meal (without taxes).

Both apps have a service fee, however, Skip the Dishes also has a tip option, they claim that 100% of the tip goes directly to the delivery driver.

Skip the Dishes Cost Breakdown (Screenshot by Dione Wearmouth, mypgnow)

Skip the Dishes Cost Breakdown (Screenshot by Dione Wearmouth, mypgnow)

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