Google Shopping apps to be discontinued – Poc Network

Google Shopping apps to be discontinued – Poc Network

How many times have you broken out the Google Shopping app to make a new purchase with? If your answer is somewhere close to “wait, Google has a shopping app?”, then you’re not alone. Many of us here barely use it at all ourselves. Although we make plenty of use of the Shopping tab within a normal browser search, the app rarely gets discussed or opened around here.

Google seems to think these numbers aren’t in the company’s favor, thus is making the decision to discontinue the Google Shopping app for both Android and iOS app marketplaces.

The app was essentially an app-version of what the shopping tab has to offer, allowing users to make purchases all over using their Google account as a centralized profile and source of funding.

Although there were plenty of users out there making use of the app, likely, it wasn’t enough to offset the cost of keeping it going. Or at least, not profitable “enough”. None of the retailers that were featured within the Google Shopping app openly talked about or promoted it either. So, the app will cease functioning sometime in June and Google will stop supporting or updating it within the next few weeks as the beginning phase of its demise.

Meanwhile, the shopping tab on the website and within the normal Google app will function like normal. So if you are familiar with the Google Shopping section of the website via any normal browser, you won’t have to brace for any change.

Published at Mon, 12 Apr 2021 02:30:05 +0000

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