A Guide To Second-Hand Shopping Online –

A Guide To Second-Hand Shopping Online –

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Are you interested in learning more about shopping secondhand on sites such as eBay, Poshmark, and Depop? Check out the following tips to make your shopping much easier.

On second hand sites that sell anything you can imagine, it is often overwhelming to know where to start. 

If you are looking for collectors items and accessories, eBay has the greatest selection. For clothing, jewelry, and handbags, either Poshmark or Depop would be the best site to search. 

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Knowing what keywords to search is another important aspect when shopping on these sites. Fabrics, brand names, colors, patterns, and styles are some of the things that help filter your search and make it less overwhelming. 

If you see a seller with a nice selection on their page, make sure to follow them and look through products they have liked. Looking through other users’ likes, who have pages similar to your own, will give you a more curated search. 

On sites like eBay, instead of a seller putting a set price, it is common for them to give buyers the option to put an offer on an item. When considering a bid, you want to bid towards the end of the auction and with as few other bidders as possible.

Determining a price on bids can also be difficult because sellers will disregard offers that are too low, but you also do not want to end up paying an unnecessarily high price. Finding a middle ground is the best way to give you an optimal price, while keeping the seller happy, too. 

For vintage items that are in high demand, prices on sites like Depop and eBay can often skyrocket. Senior Loretta Fuentes said, “Look up your desired item and do some research about how much it is actually worth.” 

Finding out background information will give you a better idea of how reasonably priced a piece is.

Freshman Sophie Glenn likes to buy clothing and accessories, and Depop is her favorite site. She said, “I enjoy buying from Depop because you can find anything.”

These secondhand sites also have lots of one of a kind vintage clothing, or handmade items, that users love to buy. 

Students at Governor Livingston frequently shop on these secondhand sites, like freshman Olivia Giordano who buys unique shirts and sweaters. She said, “The sites are more affordable, and you can find fun vintage pieces.” 

As long as you know what you’re looking for, online consignment stores are a great resource. The prices are usually cheaper, the selection is greater, and you can truly find anything.

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