SOS: Love INC asking for heaters to give to clients

SOS: Love INC asking for heaters to give to clients

I hope you all had fun in the snow. The beauty of the snow covered homes, trees and fields are beautiful sights. However, with the snow, ice, broken trees, electrical lines down and so much destruction there are tragic stories unfolding. We have been busy receiving calls and applications from so many who have experienced much devastation from the current cold weather. We need small electric heaters to give folks.


Dear Lord, thank you for being our refuge today, tomorrow and forever. We ask you to protect, shelter and hold close the families, the elderly and individuals who are suffering due to the cold and icy weather. Father, I ask you to use your people to find those who are hurting, hungry, cold and bring them to those who can help them. Help them to find Love In the Name of Christ so we can summon your church to serve them. We ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


Case management: Our case managers are still getting COVID-19 rental requests, utilities and other requests such as furniture, household items, food, clothing and home repairs. Quite a few applications were received during the holiday break, and we are processing them as quickly as we can.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to take folks to doctor appointments and to pick up boxes of food from The Harvest House and deliver them to approved homebound clients. We have seen an increase in the older population for meal boxes to be delivered. We have recently been blessed with several new volunteers. Thank you for your willingness to step up and serve. Please go on our website and fill out the Volunteer Application and join us. We always need more folks and would love to serve our Savior with you.

Warehouse: We are grateful for your gifts of household goods to give our clients. Currently, we are in desperate need of heaters. Volunteers are needed to help organize the warehouse. Contact Debbie if you are interested.

Financial: If you donated to Love INC in 2020 you will receive your statement before the end of January 2021.

Media: You can look for our annual summary of statistics in the January printed newsletter. If you are interested in receiving the weekly online newsletter, please email

Executive Director: Please plan to stop by our open house on Jan. 28. This is a come and go reception. We will practice social distancing and masks are required. This reception is a time for you to learn all about the ministries of Love INC Nacogdoches. We will have tours, fellowship and prayer together.


We want to help those who come to our door find peace in times of pain, hope in times of despair, and we want to share the Gospel in the name and power of Jesus. However sometimes we are given that opportunity for someone who has not actually been to our door.

A couple of years ago we became aware of a gentleman in prison who was alone. He did not receive correspondence from the outside, or visitors or Christian encouragement. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Debbie, decided that we should send him a card from the staff. We did and he wrote back. So we sent him one of our monthly newsletters. And he responded again thanking us for the encouragement.

We have faithfully sent him cards and newsletters for several years now, and he just as faithfully shares his experiences with us. He lets us know he shares the newsletters and other information that we send him with other prisoners. He looks forward to hearing from us. He tells us about his prayer requests, his dreams and shares his love of Jesus with us and with others. We have never met him and we may never meet him in person, yet we just love him. God sent him to us in the most unexpected way.


Capital Campaign for the new building hopefully will happen in 2021. This will allow us to move forward with God’s plan, and in His time with the shower and laundry facility.


Heaters, Heaters and Heaters. Small new electric heaters are a great need. Minor home repair is becoming a common request and mostly from the elderly.

Rental assistance for folks affected by COVID-19. We continue to serve folks with rental assistance if their job loss can be traced back to the pandemic.

Dressers, new linens, new pillows, gently used blankets and bedspreads are always in great demand.


To mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Sharing the Gospel is our ultimate mission. Jesus replied, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 (NIV).


■ Using our post office box is the safer and most secure way to send us a check. P.O. Box 630423, Nacogdoches, Texas 75963.

■ Another very secure way is by PayPal on our website


■ It is also helpful for you to designate your gifts. Writing on the memo line will designate your wishes. Write: “wherever needed most” will allow us to decide. This is just helpful to us, not required.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love INC.

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