Empty Stocking Fund, Jan. 16, 2021

Empty Stocking Fund, Jan. 16, 2021

Who you’ve helped: The Empty Stocking Fund helped a Santa Fe woman pay her electric bill after she lost her job. 

How it works: Applications for funding are carefully vetted. Members of the Empty Stocking Committee review requests and meet with each qualifying applicant to examine records of outstanding bills or other needs, and to verify the applicant’s income. If a request is approved, the committee sends a check directly to the service supplier. The cap for most requests is $1,000.

2020 goal: $275,000

This holiday charity project of The New Mexican began in 1981 and is jointly administered by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Enterprise Bank and Trust, the Salvation Army, Presbyterian Medical Services, The Life Link, Habitat for Humanity, Esperanza Shelter, the Housing Trust and two private individuals.

To donate: Make tax-deductible donations online at or mail a check to The New Mexican’s Empty Stocking Fund c/o the Santa Fe Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1827. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

To provide a service such as roofing or home repairs, contact Habitat for Humanity at To contribute food, clothing, toys, furniture, or other items or services, call the Salvation Army at 505-988-8054.

Anonymous: $20,750

Anonymous, in honor of Phyllis, Les, Noreen and David: $100

John and Joyce Begnoche: $200

Sarah Bennett: $200

JoAnn Bethel: $500

Elisabet Bolton: $30

Book Mountain — Kamille, Peggy and Tom: $150

William Buckingham, MD, and Julie Buckingham: $200

Alma Cassel: $100

Catherine Anne Chaffee, in memory of Martha Anne Freeman: $25

PR Christie: $50

Marilyn and Larry Cohen, in memory of Helen and Michael Cerletti: $200

John Doolittle, in memory of Belle Doolittle: $50

John Doolittle, in memory of Jackie Quintana Valencia: $50

Margaret Edwards and Ellie Edelstein: $100

Pamela Erickson: $100

J.E. Gallegos: $500

Randall Galloway, in memory of Alice Fleischer: $200

Randall Galloway: $200

Oralynn and Patricio Guerrerortiz: $250

Cat Scheibner and Carrie Haag: $100

Katherine Hargis, in honor of Susan Breyer: $50

Historic Santa Fe Foundation Inc.: $312.75

William Beardsley and Victoria Johnson-Beardsley: $100

Robert and Cindy Kahn, in memory of Ernest “Ernie” Gonzales: $250

Christy Stanley and Susan Kelly, in memory of Francis Stanley and Bud Kelly: $100

Sandra Levine: $100

Neil and Cindy Lyon: $250

Martha and Diana, in memory of Leslie Ivers: $100

Susan McDuffie: $80

John Donnell and Judy McGowan: $200

Julia Moore: $200

Jeff Pine and Tom Morris: $200

Terrence Murphy: $200

Stuart Bluestone and Judy Naumburg: $250

Steven and Camille Ovitsky: $50

George and Jean Palmer: $500

Edward Romero: $100

Michelle Romero: $100

Reynold and Maria Romero, in memory of David L. Otero: $100

Karen Rowell: $100

Melinda Silver: $50

Jack and Vickie Sullivan: $200

Valle Del Sol Phase 1 Homeowners Association: $200

Carol Wheeler, in memory of John Wheeler: $100

Aria and Bill White: $125

Total: $28,072.75

Cumulative total: $491,182.13

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