6 big myths about home improvement projects

6 big myths about home improvement projects

Myth: ‘A House Needs to Breathe’

One of the most long-lived myths of homeownership is that you shouldn’t interfere with drafts or air penetration because houses need to “breathe.” Well, a house doesn’t need to breathe. But it does need to dry out, vent any combustion fumes, and provide the people who live in it with fresh, circulating air.

Often referred to as “tight” houses, construction that limits air infiltration is perfectly acceptable with modern building science by pulling in and circulating air in a strategic fashion. But don’t let a desire for a breathable home prevent you from basic maintenance like sealing up drafts around windows and doors. A little bit of common sense and simple research will help make sure that you’re not creating a staid air pocket that might encourage moisture retention. Of course, if your home already struggles with mold or mildew, it’s important to get started remedying the issue ASAP! Here’s a solid primer on combating mold and mildew.

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