Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 27, 2020

Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 27, 2020

How it works: Applications for funding are carefully vetted. Members of the Empty Stocking Committee review requests and meet with each qualifying applicant to examine records of outstanding bills or other needs, and to verify the applicant’s income. If a request is approved, the committee sends a check directly to the service supplier. The cap for most requests is $1,000.

2020 goal: $275,000

This holiday charity project of The New Mexican began in 1981 and is jointly administered by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Enterprise Bank and Trust, the Salvation Army, Presbyterian Medical Services, The Life Link, Habitat for Humanity, Esperanza Shelter, the Housing Trust and two private individuals.

To donate: Make tax-deductible donations online at or mail a check to The New Mexican’s Empty Stocking Fund c/o the Santa Fe Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, N.M., 87504-1827. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

To contribute food, clothing, toys, furniture, or other items or services, call the Salvation Army at 505-988-8054.

Anonymous: $3,700

Anonymous, in memory of Wayne Hayes: $250

Ed and Jane Baca: $25

Carl and Penny Baldwin: $100

Lisa Enfield and Paul Bardacke: $250

English and Bryan Bird: $200

Jim and Sue Daniel: $200

David and Lori Delgado: $250

Kate Buckley and Steven Dichter: $100

Edward Jiran and Frank Farrow: $250

Joleen and Joe Frank: $100

Jeff LaFlamme & The Misfit Toys: $98.41

Al and Maggie Leedom: $150

Randi Lowenthal: $250

Sam, Eileen and Daisy MacBarrett: $200

Mark: $2,000.21

Henry and Kristin Muchmore: $100

Judy and Jim Nelson-Moore: $100

Marilyn J. O’Brien: $300

Susan Tarman and Brian O’Keefe, in memory of loved ones: $150

Joe Padilla: $300

Dan, Carol and Shana Pava: $100

Bob and Janice Peters: $200

Carl and Karen Rago: $100

Jody Romero: $100

Carol Sanguinetti: $100

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor of Devi M. Schmidt: $250

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor of Sanjay Schmidt: $250

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor of Theresa Page: $100

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor of Ben Page family: $100

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor of Desha Scott: $100

Cathryn Schmidt, in honor Caleb Garver: $100

Herb and Marcia Smith: $100

Suzanne Smith: $150

Swanson & Krogdahl family: $100

Tina Ludutsky-Taylor and Allen Taylor: $250

The Teng-Levy family: $20

The Westen family: $500

Anna Vanderlaan: $500

Lyle York and Matthew Wilson, in memory of Eileen Goldwyn: $1,250

Total: $13,443.62

Cumulative total: $280,491.08

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