Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 23, 2020

Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 23, 2020

Who you’ve helped this year: A Santa Fe woman was concerned about how she would keep her family warm. “We are expecting winter any time. I have a 2-year-old little boy and have no heating in my home,” she wrote in her request for assistance. The Empty Stocking Fund bought her a pallet of pellets to heat her home.

How it works: Applications for funding are carefully vetted. Members of the Empty Stocking Committee review requests and meet with each qualifying applicant to examine records of outstanding bills or other needs, and to verify the applicant’s income. If a request is approved, the committee sends a check directly to the service supplier. The cap for most requests is $1,000.

2020 goal: $275,000

This holiday charity project of The New Mexican began in 1981 and is jointly administered by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Enterprise Bank and Trust, the Salvation Army, Presbyterian Medical Services, The Life Link, Habitat for Humanity, Esperanza Shelter, the Housing Trust and two private individuals.

To donate: Make tax-deductible donations online at or mail a check to The New Mexican’s Empty Stocking Fund c/o the Santa Fe Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1827. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

To provide a service such as roofing or home repairs, contact Habitat for Humanity at To contribute food, clothing, toys, furniture, or other items or services, call the Salvation Army at 505-988-8054.

Anonymous: $4,165

AAA Self Storage Co.: $200

Aceves-London Family Fund: $1,000

Patricia McCreight and Michael Acuna: $100

Abigail Adler: $250

Linda Aikin: $200

Naomi Barnes: $200

Lynn Bickley, MD: $150

Edward and Eva Borins: $150

Isabel and JU Brackbill: $200

John and Suzanne Bremer: $100

Carson-Kleeman Sukha Endowment: $2,000

Philip Cook: $100

Sarah Daly: $200

Matthew and Jocelyn Davis: $200

Ellie Hinds Memorial Endowment: $100

Karen Fitzsimmons, in memory of Thomas Fitzsimmons: $100

Susan and Dan Friedman: $500

George and Dorothy Gamble: $250

Daniel and Josephine Geran: $100

Patricia Griego, in memory of Gertrude Gurule: $100

Diane and Doug Hanson: $100

Jim and Tina Hille: $100

Sarah and Michael Hudlow: $600

Suzanne and Howard Huston: $100

Judith Gabriele and Vinnie Kelley: $50

Stuart and Fiddle Kirk, in memory of Mike and Helen Cerletti: $100

K.G. Gallagher and Don Krier: $250

Donna Lanphere: $200

Kristi Leighton: $100

Liza Solom and Tara O’Toole Charitable Fund: $500

Lynn, in memory of Larry and Jessie Waterman: $100

Steven Fisher and Richard Mariner, in memory of Alice Fleischer: $150

Grete Meilman: $500

Juliet Myers: $250

Bill and Kay Neuhaus: $100

Dahl Harris and Anne Marie Ortiz-Harris: $100

Gay Block and Billie Parker: $50

Alfred Pinkerton: $1,000

Sarah Rising: $50

Irene Sanchez, in memory of Joey Apodaca: $100

Art and Valerie Sandoval: $50

SLF Foundation: $1,500

Southwest Archaeological Consultants: $200

Maria Stennis: $100

Joyce Trainor and Jeff Toomey: $150

Maria and Ramon Vigil: $50

Barbara and Norman Vuylsteke: $500

Gale and Adam Wasserman: $100

Suzanne Watkins, in memory of Steve Watkins: $100

Margaret Carde and Richard Weinstein: $200

Truel and Joan West: $100

Total: $17,915

Cumulative total: $221,617.46

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