Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Starts Today With ‘Limitless $10 Coupons’

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Starts Today With ‘Limitless $10 Coupons’

The Epic Games Store is offering effectively endless $10 coupons during its holiday special this year. The prolific digital marketplace has made a reputation based on aggressive business policies, rankling fans of more established storefronts like Steam. It’s known for regularly offering free games and, most controversially, for pulling in major exclusives that force customers to use it over Steam.

Recently Epic fired another shot across Steam’s bow by announcing a major holiday sale to finish off 2020. Steam’s holiday sales have always been some of the website’s biggest, offering major discounts on hundreds of games from Steam’s vast library. To compete with this gaming tradition, Epic announced a new tradition of its own; the Epic Games Store will be offering a different game for free every single day. At the time of this writing, the game in the hot seat is popular city simulator Cities: Skylines, but there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. Free games picked up during this event will remain permanently in a player’s library, and the customer never has to pay a cent.

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That being said, the Epic Games Store is still a store, and having customers spend money is still encouraged. To that end, Epic Games is going above and beyond the usual holiday discounts in a bizarre new way. As announced on the Store page itself, fans can avail themselves of limitless $10 coupons during their holiday game shopping. The first coupon can be claimed directly from the website, but will also be applied automatically if the customer makes an applicable purchase of $15 or more. Once the coupon has been used, a second one will automatically be added. That coupon will be eventually replaced by a third, and so on until the promotion ends on January 7th.

There are a lot of reasons to take issue with Epic Games, but one can’t fault its apparent philosophy of putting video games in people’s hands. The company did something similar back in September when it purchased Rocket League and subsequently made it free to play. Anyone who downloaded the game on the Epic Games Store was treated to another $10 coupon, though unfortunately this one wasn’t infinite. To put it another way, Epic Games was effectively paying people to download Rocket League.

At the time of this writing, Steam has not launched its holiday sale, so only time will tell how the two sales stack up. Epic Games’ infinite coupons are certainly an unorthodox way to do business, though, and one that’s both novel and financially tempting enough to attract customers. Anyone looking to fill their gaming libraries this Christmas will certainly find a staunch ally in the Epic Games Store.

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