Martin Lewis explains how to get £12 off Christmas shop at Lidl

Martin Lewis explains how to get £12 off Christmas shop at Lidl

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has explained how Lidl shoppers can get £12 off their shopping during the Christmas period.

Lidl shoppers will be able to claim £12 worth of vouchers when shopping using the Lidl Plus app.

Martin explains on his website exactly how the app works and what you need to do to claim your vouchers.

The offer is available for both new and existing users of the app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Users of the app will receive a £2 voucher after spending £100 with Lidl during December.

If you spend another £100, totalling £200 spent in December, on top of this you will also be given a £10 coupon.

Martin wrote on the website that the coupons should appear automatically in the app once you reach the spending threshold.

“Once you’ve reached the spend target, your £2 or £10 coupon should appear automatically in the coupons section of the app.

“You can’t get change from the coupons, eg, you’ll need to spend £2 to use the £2 coupon, and you’ll need to use it within seven days of issue at any Lidl store in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland,” he said.

Published at Thu, 17 Dec 2020 09:27:24 +0000

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