Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 12, 2020

Empty Stocking Fund, Dec. 12, 2020

Who you’ve helped this year: An Española man fell behind financially after developing a medical condition that prevented him from working. The Empty Stocking Fund helped him pay his rent, water and electricity bills.

How it works: Applications for funding are carefully vetted. Members of the Empty Stocking Committee review requests and meet with each qualifying applicant to examine records of outstanding bills or other needs, and to verify the applicant’s income. If a request is approved, the committee sends a check directly to the service supplier. The cap for most requests is $1,000.

2020 goal: $275,000

This holiday charity project of The New Mexican began in 1981 and is jointly administered by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Enterprise Bank and Trust, the Salvation Army, Presbyterian Medical Services, The Life Link, Habitat for Humanity, Esperanza Shelter, the Housing Trust and two private individuals.

To donate: Make tax-deductible donations online at or mail a check to The New Mexican’s Empty Stocking Fund c/o the Santa Fe Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1827. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

To provide a service such as roofing or home repairs, contact Habitat for Humanity at To contribute food, clothing, toys, furniture, or other items or services, call the Salvation Army at 505-988-8054.

Anonymous: $4,650

Anonymous, in memory of Nettie and Etta Gonzales: $50

Anonymous, in honor of Powers, Cody and Krump families: $40

Ashley and Grant Alexander, in honor of Ann Sacks: $100

Donna Bailey: $200

Jim and Bette Bradbury, in memory of Tino Gonzales: $250

Geralyn Budenholzer White: $50

Bob and Karen Copeland: $150

Eudice and Les Daly, in memory of Bunny Claiborne: $300

Dan Murray and Kim Davis, in memory of Donna Murray: $250

Carol Delage: $250

David Dennedy-Frank, in memory of Diane Dennedy-Frank: $100

David Elder, in honor of Rick Franz: $1,000

Frank and Marcia Falcone: $100

Steve McConnell and Shirley Fiske, in memory of Ron Rinker: $500

Carol Moder and Brewster Fitz: $500

John and Debbie Goeller: $100

Gail Grimes and Mark Greenberg: $150

Stephanie Greene, in memory of John Mattson: $200

Allen Hartford: $150

Hal Logsdon and Gordon Hawthorne, in memory of Greg Logsdon: $300

John Herrera: $100

Sheela Hewitt: $100

Richard Hild and Ronald Hicks: $300

Tom and Lynda Kellahin: $500

Linda Kissko: $50

Brett Kokinadis: $100

George and Bonnie Kopp: $100

Dr. Bob and Kim Larsen: $250

Mary and Jean Levesque, in memory of Grace Geraci: $100

Paula Lozar: $50

Matthew and Cheryl Maloney, in memory of Maureen and Michael Maloney: $100

Barbara and Bill McDonald: $100

Beverly and Mike Morris: $500

Mark and Barbara Mortier: $35

Judy Mosher, in memory of Marylou Butler: $100

Mary Nenno: $100

Robert and JoAnn Ortega: $250

Carmel and Jim Owens: $500

Patricia Blevens and Bruce Parrish: $100

James Koster and Mary Peterson: $1,750

Pamela Quay: $100

Reside Home LLC: $250

Julia Rose: $500

Alan Shapiro: $100

Denise and Tom Shreeve: $50

Erik and Anne Sikes: $100

Andrea Slade: $75

Melitta Cutright and James Smith: $300

Paul and Nancy Stanford: $100

Kimberley Sweet: $200

Richard and Kim Tate: $100

The Berendzen family: $100

The Brownstrum family: $100

Ingrid Tyson, in memory of Hugo Tyson: $100

Jeff and Anne Weber: $500

Dallett Norris and Bill Wesbrooks, in memory of Alice Fleischer: $500

Jerry Zollars: $100

Total: $17,850

Cumulative total: $153,012.67

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