EDITORIAL: Plan ahead this Christmas

EDITORIAL: Plan ahead this Christmas

Barbadians often complain that Christmas is too hectic and too busy a period. Traffic is crazy and everything is one big mess around this time on the road and in the stores. However, it seems that too many Barbadians wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping, hence the frustrating hustle and bustle each year, that at times leads to stress and unwanted negative health outcomes.

Most Barbadians take the time to do some sprucing up and to carry out general maintenance on their homes and even businesses around the Yuletide season. Given the present COVID-19 pandemic, if you fall into the category of homeowners who need to do some home repairs, then by now you should have a plan, outlining how you will tackle such repairs ahead of the lead up to Christmas. If you are one to shop for hams and drinks and other holiday grocery items, then plan ahead how you will tackle going to your preferred retailer. Do not assume that you can just visit your usual retailer at the stroke of midnight, to get what you need. If you have children to shop for, who will be eagerly anticipating gifts, do not wait until Christmas Eve to visit the stores. You may be setting yourself up for frustration.

For those Barbadians who like to get in the last minute rush for cakes and pastries, it will be a trying time in the midst of this pandemic, having to face long lines for items made from flour. So again, plan ahead and fix your business to suit, even if it means whipping out a recipe or two, or ordering from some small entrepreneur this season – if you are unable to get to the store in time. Just determine not to be that Barbadian that goes through the same pace every Christmas, rushing for this and that. Ensure that you do not turn up at the paint store to find a long line and then get flustered, or that you do not arrive at the cake shop to find the last cake just went five minutes before you got there. Try not to do your Christmas gift shopping by bouncing from store to store days before Christmas, knowing full well that finding parking space will prove a headache, that the queues will be lengthy, that prices will likely be a tad bit higher than customary. Remember as well that due to COVID-19 proctols, things will take a bit longer than usual and there will be longer lines than perhaps one is accustomed to. So give yourself some wiggle room by planning ahead. For those with any underlying health conditions, this advice is even more critical.

Now we are well aware that at times it is inevitable that you will end up in the Christmas rush, because you have to traverse local roads during this busy time or go to the supermarket for your goods to last through the New Year. Such things cannot be avoided. But for sure, we as Barbadians can plan ahead and shop around earlier, rather than waiting to “feel the Christmas spirit” that while exciting for some, puts us under too much pressure.

Given the number of accidents, incidents and health challenges some people end up with, you can be sure that most people will agree that all this last minute dilly dallying is not good for mind, body nor spirit. So we do hope that Barbadians can make the necessary changes this Christmas, for better outcomes and to ensure less stress and frustration.

Published at Sat, 05 Dec 2020 10:37:13 +0000

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Written by Riel Roussopoulos


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