Shopping Local “More Important Than Ever” – Spectrum News 1

Shopping Local “More Important Than Ever” – Spectrum News 1

CLEVELAND — In her downtown Cleveland apartment, Kelly Burkhart started embroidering tote bags and posted a few online, “and then all of a sudden the orders started flooding in,” said Burkhart.

What You Need To Know

  • Small businesses are relying on residents now more than ever to keep them afloat
  • After Kelly Burkhart was sent to work from home, she decided to launch her own business
  • Burkhart encourages buyers to support local businesses and post about them on social media

This was back in May. Her full-time job, which required her to travel often, had sent their employees to work from home. So, Burkhart decided she would start her own business: The Filo Studios — “Filo means thread in Italian,” she explained.

In just a few short months, business took off.

“Of my filo orders, I work during the evening and the weekends.”

She created her own designs, filled custom orders and works with other local businesses.

Like many small businesses, The Filo Studios grew on social media.

“It’s actually so much fun with the Instagram community and the complete social media outpour. It’s the best. I always recommend when you do buy something from a small business owner to tag them, talk about it,” said Burkhart.

And that support goes a long way, especially during the pandemic.

“It is always important to shop local. It really is. But right now more than ever, it’s so crucial. It makes a huge impact in our community. It keeps these businesses open.”

With so many small businesses closing their doors this year, Burkhart says give the gift of a sale to a business owner in your community.

“Taking that extra consideration with shopping local versus clicking that send button on amazon is huge. It will go a long way.”

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