Kids’ gratitude on display to cap off random acts of kindness week in Edmonton

Kids’ gratitude on display to cap off random acts of kindness week in Edmonton

Random acts of kindness week is winding down for another year, but students of a north Edmonton elementary school weren’t going to let it end without a little show of gratitude.

Classrooms at École Bishop Savaryn School were unusually quiet Friday, as students focused on some very important work.

“Sending messages of kindness to people in our community, such as firefighters, police officers, Alberta Health Services workers and the seniors,” the school’s principal, Azza Ghali told CTV News Edmonton.

This year students are also making sure to recognize their parents.

“Sometimes people can be really sad and if you do one kind thing to them, even if it’s a small thing it can still make them happy and make their day,” said Grade 5 student Yannis Jamal.

After a particularly difficult year, the elementary school’s principal says parents deserve a little extra recognition for all they do for their kids.

“We wanted to highlight the important role parents have played keeping them safe, taking care of their mental health during this pandemic,” said Ghali.

The kids made cards to show their appreciation. Some also made coupons redeemable for chores.

“Since my parents do go to work almost every day and so they get tired too, so I would like to give them that coupon so then they can get rested themselves,” said Jamal.

Sheldon Wolfe, father of three, told CTV News Edmonton he’s often so focused on being a parent that he forgets to worry about himself.

“Sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder to do that because it’s incredibly important,” he said. “If we don’t take care of ourselves how are we supposed to take care of them?”

The students hope their random acts of kindness serve as inspiration for others to do the same, not only this week, but every day.

“You shouldn’t want anything in return,” Grade 5 student, Temidun Folorunso said.  “Being kind is something you should do from your heart.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson

Published at Fri, 19 Feb 2021 23:43:00 +0000

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