quantilope Report Examines the Biggest Food & Beverage Consumer Trends in 2021 – PRNewswire

quantilope Report Examines the Biggest Food & Beverage Consumer Trends in 2021 – PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Insights Automation firm quantilope releases its inaugural 2021 Food and Beverage Trends report.

The quantilope reports surveyed 500 US consumers (ages 18 – 69, representative to the general population) in January 2021 using an online, quantitative approach. The study includes two MaxDiff analyses and an implicit single association test (SAT) to identify how consumers are prioritizing their food and beverage choices going into the new year and where brands have an opportunity to adapt to changing preferences and trends. Top trends focus on sustainability, health, packaging, and shopping behaviors.

“U.S. food and beverage consumers are paying closer attention to their health following a challenging year,” explained Johanna Azis, Head of Marketing – US at quantilope. “Therefore, prioritizing health and sustainability in products is not only necessary to meet consumer expectations but to maintain competitiveness in the food and beverage market.”

Key findings from quantilope’s report include:

The Healthy Way Forward: Health is going to be a huge focus in consumers’ diets in 2021. Sixty four percent of vegetarians and 73% of pescatarians/vegans mention ‘health’ as their number one driver for their dietary habits (even over animal welfare).

Sustainable Opportunities: Fifty five percent of consumers say it is important to them that the brands they buy emphasize sustainability in their products. And when asked which food brands come to mind when consumers think about sustainability, the following were most frequently mentioned: Amy’s, Annie’s, Beyond Meat, Chobani, Clif, Impossible, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Morningstar Farms, Nestlé, Organic Valley, and Silk.  

Not-So-Dry January: Despite a strong focus on health in consumers’ food choices, consumers are less focused on their health when it comes to beverage choices. Only 4% of consumers participated in Dry January this year.

Access a complete copy of quantilope’s Food and Beverage Trends 2021 report here.

About quantilope: quantilope is an insights automation platform automating advanced research methodologies including Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Implicit Association Tests, Tracking and more. Our end-to-end platform connects the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, live reporting, in-depth analysis, and data visualization. The average project turnaround time is 1 – 5 business days.

Media Contact: Johanna Azis, [email protected]

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