Not sure about the tuna at Subway? How about a 15% off coupon?

Not sure about the tuna at Subway? How about a 15% off coupon?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s real and it’s spectacular.

Subway didn’t use that famous “Seinfeld” quote to describe its tuna after being accused in a lawsuit of using fake fish in its sandwiches and wraps, but the fast-food chain is determined to prove to customers the allegations are false.

Visit Subway’s website or fire up the app and you’re now greeted with an ad touting “100% Real Wild Caught Tuna” that’s “100% Delicious.”

“Our tuna is 100% tuna mixed with mayo,” the fine print reads, in case you miss the big bold letters. To prove it, the sandwich shop is offering a 15% discount on tuna footlong sub with the promo code ITSREAL.

In the complaint filed last week, two California residents accuse Subway of fraud, intentional and negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment for selling “a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna.”

The lawsuit claims “independent testing has repeatedly affirmed the products are made from anything but tuna,” although one of the plaintiff’s lawyers wouldn’t say what specifically was being used instead.

“We found that the ingredients were not tuna and not fish,” the attorney said in an email to the Washington Post.

In a statement, Subway called the accusations “baseless,” adding, “this lawsuit is part of a trend in which the named plaintiffs’ attorneys have been targeting the food industry in an effort to make a name for themselves in that space.”

Published at Wed, 03 Feb 2021 21:11:01 +0000

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