The Role Coupons Play In Increasing Sales For Businesses – The Good Men Project

The Role Coupons Play In Increasing Sales For Businesses – The Good Men Project

Every business owner is well-aware of the difficulty of promoting and marketing one’s brand in today’s day and age. The competition amongst businesses and companies is increasingly becoming more tense and hard to navigate. Due to this, companies and businesses seek for alternative and lucrative ways to boost their business. Admittedly, there isn’t a shortage of marketing schemes out there, but not all of them guarantee you success in sales. Some of them are a gamble and can end up costing you more than they gain for you. Customers aren’t so easy to attract anymore, and a lot of them tend to look into price comparison before they commit to a purchase. This is why business owners who are just starting out and trying to expand their company’s reach should stick to tried and tested marketing techniques. This particular article endeavors to educate them of one of the most common and beneficial marketing techniques for businesses out there, that is, coupons.

What Are Coupons?

If you’re not already aware, coupons are a document of sorts (either printed or digital) that offers the customers discounts and deals upon redeeming them. They usually aren’t just handed out and are given out with certain criteria, like on the occasion of a sale or with the purchase of a certain product. The price comparison and discount is something the customer values in coupons and vouchers. Therefore, they play a massive role in attracting customers to businesses and getting the word out.

What Type Of Marketing Is This?

Marketing or advertising through the help of coupons is caller Guerilla marketing. It’s supposed to give incentive to the customers to shop at the place where the coupon is from or to buy more than they initially wanted to. The essential purpose of the coupons is to help the customers save money. Opportunity cost is a common, widely agreed concept in economics and companies that utilize coupons endeavor to play exactly that to their advantage.

Is Marketing Through Coupons Fruitful?

Nobody can resist a good deal! When customers know they’re saving money, even if it’s a little, they jump to purchase products they might never have considered getting before. Joe Chernov, a renowned marketer, and startup advisor said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart, ” and that is precisely what businesses are able to accomplish by providing penny-pinching customers with great coupons and deals. There are numerous benefits that coupons grant brands and businesses, and they are as following:

Mass Exposure:

Coupons are perhaps the easiest way to gain traffic and heaps of customers in a limited amount of time. This is why businesses that are just starting out opt for them. It lays out a basic foundation for companies by giving potential customers a chance to try out their products and have the opportunity to make a regular customer out of them. Not only is it an effective marketing strategy, but also reasonable for small businesses because they can’t afford to advertise through television commercials or billboards.

Targeting the local demographic: 

Businesses can alter their coupons to whatever they deem fit. They make them have a certain time limit for expiry or only have them be eligible to redeem at certain branches. Online coupon websites, the likes of CutFullPrice are able to broadcast the coupons availability and help the business gain a wide audience. The acquired coupons entice the customer to visit branches or outlets of the business that they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is especially helpful for grocery stores and local brands that seek for avid customers to frequent their shops.


In conclusion, offering coupons is a great gateway for small businesses and new brands to become successful.

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