Small Businesses Can Lead the Next Evolution in Online Shopping – PRNewswire

Small Businesses Can Lead the Next Evolution in Online Shopping – PRNewswire

BRAMPTON, ON, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Online shopping has been around for years and it has recently taken on a life of its own. 

During the pandemic, next generation shopping sites are popping up everywhere. It’s called virtual shopping and small businesses can not only participate; they can lead the way. Using apps like Servv, Shopify & Zoom, small businesses can easily and affordably create a virtual shopping environment that rivals some of the biggest name brands on the planet.

What is a Virtual Shop?
Like online shops, a virtual shop is an online store that conducts business over the internet, however, it intends to give customers the same feel as the traditional store down the street.

Virtual Shopping Appointments
Hosting virtual appointments is an approach now used by Virtual Shops. It works like every other appointment, only that you don’t need to be on the premises of the shop when it’s time for your appointment.

Via video chats, buyers go on a one-on-one shopping session with a sales associate who walks them through the shop answering questions along the way and providing comments to help close the sale.

Ralph Lauren
According to the Wall Street Journal, virtual shops provide a new experience for those customers who miss the “in-store feeling.”

A clothier brand that employs virtual appointments in its online sales is Ralph Lauren. Customers can book appointments to visit their store in Beverly Hills. Over a video call, customers can take a tour through the departments guided by a sales rep who is well qualified to make suggestions and recommendations. Gucci is offering a similar service in Europe.

Benefits of Virtual Shops Over Regular Online Shops – Better Customer Experience

Customers who sign up for virtual appointments get stellar shopping experiences. A one-on-one tour with a sales agent walking them through the catalogues answering all their questions along the way. That extra touch results in Better Conversion Rates and a Safer Means of Shopping.

SME concerns with using Technology
Most small business owners are not technology experts, nor do they want to be.  They want to focus on their core competencies to meet the needs of their customers and increase sales.  When they use technology, it must be easy to use.  Strong customer support from the vendor is crucial.

Alexandre Champagne (, based in Montreal, Quebec provides the following comments about Servv “Easiest workflow on the market. App connects flawlessly to Zoom; lets you customize every detail and the customer service is out of this world.”

Why You Should Start Your Virtual Shop Now
Virtual shops offer customers an alternative to physical shopping without actually being in the shops.

Servv provides the perfect opportunity for SME’s to lead the next evolution of online shopping. This innovative new application bridges the gap between Zoom and Shopify with a click of the button, bringing shop owners closer to their customers than they have ever been.  Small business owners can create an experience that rivals Ralph Lauren allowing customers to book one on one appointments with store associates. The store associate sets up a Zoom call on their phone to provide video of the items that the customer wants to see. The associate provides personal dialogue to answer any questions and adds incremental comments to help close the sale. 

Download Servv today ( and realize the benefits of virtual shopping before your competitors beat you to it! 

About Servv

Founded in 2020, Servv is headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. For more info, visit: (

Media Contact:
Hans Downer
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