How to Make Use of an AliExpress Coupon – PlayStation Universe

How to Make Use of an AliExpress Coupon – PlayStation Universe

AliExpress is a site full of different products and a lot of the latest deals on everything, from fashion, electronics fishing — you name it! You can select from a lot of goods, buy whatever you like, and even save some money while doing so. Saving money while spending in AliExpress is easy because they provide their users with coupons!

What Exactly Is an AliExpress Coupon?

An AliExpress coupon is technically a voucher or a code that provides buyers a discount when purchasing on the site. The values of these vouchers differ, and there are also limitations on using them. Here are some conditions you need to meet for you to successfully use one:

  1. The coupon you want to use is for the store where you choose your order.
  2. The coupon is active and not expired.
  3. The coupon requires an ordered sum that you need to meet.

The Coupon’s Value Duration

A coupon is only useful and beneficial when it is still active. Some coupons are only active during the period you received it, such as a coupon you got during a sale is only active for that sale period. The duration of a coupon cannot be extended, and its value cannot be refunded.

There are Different Coupons in AliExpress

There are three various coupons you can get, choose, and use in AliExpress:

  1. The store coupon
  2. The select coupon
  3. The AliExpress coupon

Even though these coupons are different from each other, they can all be obtained in similar ways. Here are some of the ways you can get these coupons and where you can use them:

Store Сoupons

Store coupons are those that can only be used in a certain store. These coupons are provided by the sellers to encourage the buyers to purchase from their store. In each order, only one coupon can be used.

These coupons are free and can be retrieved in the AliExpress promotions store, in the store page, or product detail page. Store coupons can also be acquired by exchanging the coins you have for coupons.

Select Сoupons

Select coupons are those you can use in a selected group of stores in AliExpress. You can use a select coupon when you order various items from different stores. To acquire a select coupon, check out the sale pages, play games, or exchange your coins for coupons. Unlike store coupons, you can use one or more select coupons in each order, depending on the rules implemented by the store.

AliExpress Сoupons

These coupons can be used in any of the stores in AliExpress. These coupons can also be used to order products from different stores, but only one AliExpress coupon can be used in each checkout. AliExpress coupons are limited and can be found on sale pages or can be obtained by exchanging coins for coupons.

Managing to snatch these coupons will be a waste if you don’t use them for your benefit. Make the best use of your coupons and take advantage of them as you do your online shopping!

Using the Coupons in AliExpress

The first thing you need to do to be able to use your coupons is to check all the available ones you have so you know what kind of discounts or freebies you can get. To do that, go to the Coupon Center or in the “My Coupons” option. The list of the coupons will be shown in that section, along with all their details.

You can apply these coupons when you purchase something. Add the product you like to your cart, and then continue to the payment page. Above the total amount of your order, you can find the list of all the coupons you can apply to your order. Select which voucher you want to use and see how much you saved in your total order!

The same process applies when using the mobile application of AlieExpress. Then place your order and choose your preferred method of payment. Like on the website, the list of the coupons and the field where you can enter a promo code are just above the order summary.

AliExpress Assistant

If you want everything to be easier while buying products in AliExpress, try an AliExpress assistant such as Alitools. Alitools is a shopping assistant created for you while you shop in AliExpress that lists the everyday price of a product of your choosing, tracking its changes so you can know which offers are the best. Shop, place your order, apply your coupons and discounts, and complete your purchase with this AliExpress assistant.

Shop with AliExpress!

Everything is in this one-stop online platform. Get everything you need and have a stress-free shopping experience with AliExpress, and save money while doing so!

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