6 Grocery & Coupon Apps That Help Moms Save Money

6 Grocery & Coupon Apps That Help Moms Save Money

As parents, we all love to save money wherever we can. This is especially true for the grocery store! Sometimes the bills are bigger than we thought it was going to be. We want to save money where we can. While clipping coupons has not entirely gone out of style, there are certain things that have taken their place.

For example, there are various apps that can help you save money by giving you cashback instead of coupons. There are some that even offer you gift cards if you scan your receipts. Talk about winning with your groceries. Here are some of our favorite apps that help you save money while you shop.

6 Ibotta

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Ibotta has been a lifesaver for so many people, especially those with big families! All you do is choose from the app what kinds of food or brands that you plan on purchasing and you choose them. After that, once you scan your loyalty card for that store, it automatically adds what you have chosen to purchase on the app, and you will get cashback from them! It is automatic and you don’t even have to scan your receipt. They have partnered with thousands of retailers, so you can get cashback anyplace that you shop at.

Click here to download the Ibotta app on iOS or Google Play.

5 Checkout 51

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Checkout 51 is quite similar to Ibotta in the respect that it also helps you save more of your money by giving it to you in the form of cashback. New brands are added each week, so you can compare what you need at the grocery store against what they have on their app, and add it. Once you get home, just take a photo of your receipt and you will earn cash back on your qualifying purchases. They are now even offering gas rewards, as well!

Click here to download Checkout 51 on iOS or Google Play.

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4 Fetch Rewards

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While Fetch does not give you cash back in the form of money, but when you shop with their participating brands, you accumulate “points.” These points add up and they add up fast. They are redeemable for just about any gift card that you can possibly think of, including Amazon gift cards. Think about all of the extra money if you start in January, that you could have accumulated by Christmas, think of that as extra shopping money, or treat yourself to a nice Sephora gift card – yes they have those!

Click here to download Fetch Rewards on iOS or Google Play.

3 Logo

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With the app, it is a mixture of both cash-back offers and paperless coupons. You can use it as you are shopping, or choose your offers before you leave the house. You have the option of scanning your receipt when you get done shopping, you can sync up your store’s loyalty card and your coupons and cashback offers will automatically be used. Not only does this app offer coupons for grocery stores, but for big-box stores like Target and Wal-Mart, as well.

Click here to download on iOS or Google Play.

2 SnipSnap

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If you still have a coupon folder at home, SnipSnap is going to take care of it for you. It is a super easy-to-use app. If you have a paper coupon, you just snap a picture of it with your phone, and then SnipSnap will upload it to their coupon database, and voila, you have your very own digital coupon! You can also find new offers on the app, as well as see what coupons your friends and family that use the app have “clipped.”

Click here to download SnipSnap on iOS or Google Play.

1 GoodRx

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Credit: Facebook / GoodRx

If you are on prescription medications, you already know how expensive they can be, and how hard they can hit your finances. When you use GoodRx, you can look up the medication that you were prescribed, and it will pull up a list of where it is the cheapest in your area, and what area pharmacies take it. So, it is not really a “coupon” app, in a sense, but it will save you money in the long run.

Click here to download GoodRx on iOS or Google Play.

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