This Food Truck In Seattle Has An Important Message For Visitors. See Viral Pic

This Food Truck In Seattle Has An Important Message For Visitors. See Viral Pic

  • A food truck in Seattle posted an important message
  • The picture of the sign went viral on social media
  • Twitter was divided about the viral post

The spread Coronavirus may have slowed down across the world, as the number of daily cases is now declining in most countries. However, this is in no way an indication to let go of social distancing and sanitation measures. Wearing a mask and washing hands is so important to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the times of the pandemic. A food truck in Seattle, United States of America, has taken the onus of informing visitors about how the mask is to be properly worn. The image has gone viral across Reddit and Twitter, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Take a look:

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The Swine and Steel Food Truck in Seattle, Washington posted a sign on their window along with their menu. “Masks go over mouth and nose,” proclaims the sign in bold letters. It further sarcastically mentioned how it had been a year since the pandemic began, and even a dog could be trained faster than this. Enlisting a few common excuses for not wearing masks, the sign suggested solutions or alternative ways of thinking about the issues.


The photograph was awarded ‘picture of the week’ on Reddit and it went viral on Twitter too, garnering over 338k likes and counting. Tens of thousands left comments to the sign on the food truck, and Twitterati were divided over whether the sign was a good way to get people to wear masks. Several users also pointed out that the aggressive tone was not required. Others agreed that the sign was a necessary evil in times when people are venturing out without masks and not practising social distancing.

Take a look at some reactions:

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