Market Intelligence Solution Helps a Food and Beverage Industry Client Realize Substantial Savings in a New Market | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

Market Intelligence Solution Helps a Food and Beverage Industry Client Realize Substantial Savings in a New Market | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

LONDON–()–The food and beverage industry has seen a plethora of changes in recent years. With consumers’ changing preferences, technological advancements, increasing awareness regarding health and wellness, and stricter regulations globally, the industry is expected to continue witnessing significant changes in the coming years. How can food and beverage industry players stay ahead of changing market dynamics and capitalize on ideal opportunities? Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help companies identify, evaluate, and strategize for upcoming industry trends, maintain a strategic edge, overcome industry challenges, and develop comprehensive market entry plans. To leverage Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions for data-driven insights into changes in the food and beverage industry that can help stay a step ahead of competitors, request a free proposal.

“Safety issues, supply chain complexities, and food packaging challenges have started coming to the forefront. Given these industry characteristics, it is becoming imperative for food and beverage companies to find new ways to achieve operational excellence,” says a food and beverage industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a food and beverage industry player, witnessed a steady increase in competition and faced low demand for their European market offerings based out of Europe. The company wanted to improve its market position in the United States, identify profitable opportunities, and gain a comprehensive understanding of changing market dynamics, risks, and trends. Therefore, the food and beverage industry client chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage our expertise in offering market intelligence solutions. During the nine-week engagement, the client also sought to understand factors impacting food safety, ensure regulatory compliance, address supply chain complexities, and identify food packaging trends.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts developed a comprehensive approach to assist the food and beverage industry client. The engagement included the following:

  • Analyzing significant food and beverage industry trends, evaluating regulatory changes, and finding profitable opportunities in the United States
  • Conducting a risk assessment study to provide the client with actionable insights regarding potential risks in the US food and beverage market for improved supply chain operations
  • Carrying out a customer needs assessment study for the client to identify unmet needs and understand their consumers’ preferences and demands regarding their offerings
  • Providing in-depth insights regarding food packaging trends and business strategies of industry leaders

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s market intelligence solution helped the food and beverage company gain data-driven insights into the US food and beverage industry, including relevant information on the competitive environment, market dynamics, and upcoming industry developments. The client identified ideal market opportunities and devised a robust go-to-market entry plan. Additionally, the food and beverage industry client introduced products as per American consumers’ demands and preferences and gained further traction due to innovative and sustainable packaging. With our experts’ help, the client achieved substantial success in the US food and beverage industry and realized savings of over $3.2 million within two years of entering the new market.

Speak to industry experts to gain in-depth insights into the role of market intelligence solutions in the competitive and challenging food and beverage industry, and learn how our experts help businesses succeed in new markets and overcome industry challenges.

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